Hybrid Polymers

Novel hybrid polymers

We are creating hybrid polymers that are anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, and gas permeable. They’re new. No one else has polymers like these. They offer business and industry a very broad range of new, high value industrial, food and medical applications.

Anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, and gas permeable polymers are the stuff of innovation. They’re multi-functional, versatile, stable, cheap to manufacture, resistant and non-toxic. They have huge potential as films, sprays/coatings and fibres, to maintain quality, extend shelf-life and deliver hygienic surfaces.

The Hybrid Polymers project is a co-investment opportunity for New Zealand and international companies. It has direct connections with the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and the Materials Accelerator.

  • How we work with clients

    The team at Hybrid Polymers blend science and medicine with a technology planning approach for clients looking to innovate.

  • The technology

    See how and where this transformational technology can be used – today.

  • Competitive advantages

    Our hybrid polymers give New Zealand companies a fast-track entry into nanotechnology.

  • New methodologies

    Our work in hybrid polymers also produces peer-reviewed academic papers.

  • Contact us

    Who to contact for research, business and media inquiries.